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It is that time of the year again. As I emerge from my writer’s block (I have not blogged for a year- not counting the reproduction of my Pangong post in Jan 11) I have this strong desire to de-clutter & organize all over again. Over the past year I have acquired a ton more gadgets, been getting fair doses of nature’s fix through wildlife outings and been leaving a trail of Gigabytes accumulated over various mediums for  consumption on a variety of screens. The whole attraction of what the Mac stands for in my mind – to simplify clutter and to do it ably and efficiently sometime gets challenged with the sheer amount of content explosion in the digital medium I seem to get myself into lately these days.

My contribution to Apple's market value - all in the name of Convergence - gadgets in various screen sizes - all geared for multimedia of all kinds - Audio, Video, Ebooks, digital magazines, pictures. Pictured L to R - 20" iMac, Magic Mouse, 16Gb iPhone 3G, 32Gb 3G iPad1, 13" Macbook Pro, iPhone4. 500Gb Lacie & 1TB WD hard drives behind iMac. Another 1TB WD drive behind the Macbook.

After cleaning my audio collection and digitizing my home DVD concert collection (in 2009), I have to deal with other  mediums now –  primarily photographs taken from every other week.  The rest are still manageable –  eBooks, digital Magazines, the latest applications.  Movies and  gripping TV serials from across the pond.

Will be quite the feat when I get through with this. Will this be the year I get on a cloud (Mobile Me)? or invest in a RAID backup setup? Will I organize all my photos with Aperture? How far back will I need to go for geotagging? The task of simplifying seems that much more daunting as it requires clarity with respect to organization!

While I have managed digital Convergence in the last few years – most of the clean audio and video content stored in a few hard drives, streamed over Wifi, controlled via the “Remote” app on iphones and the iPAD and played on the home theater through the Apple TV.  How far can I extend this to other mediums? I hope to write about more Use Cases soon on my digital Convergence at home. Stay tuned.


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I woke up this morning to a barrage of complaints from tech pundits – at the disappointment of the iPad.

The hype reached such a crescendo that nothing, I repeat NOTHING Steve Jobs could have done would have satisfied gadget freaks the world over expecting a new way of life which was so rudely dismissed by a simple 9.7″ display, 0.5″ thick offering. All the castles in the air vanished. If only Apple would allow collaboration, it would have the world’s largest bee-hive of Product Managers – all tasked with one unsaid goal – build a superior product that can change the world.

Unfortunately, even Apple employees are not privy to the Roadmap most of the time, leave alone the whole world. Is it possible that Jobs did not tell the world what they wanted to hear? Dissing Netbooks has not won him any favors as the iPad in it’s current iteration is a somewhat lesser than a lot of Netbooks in the market as it can’t do video chat, multitasking etc… Had Jobs positioned this as a E-book reader that happens to do other things – would all the disappointed fans in the world be more placated?

Could it have been positioned differently?

The iPad marks the start of the 3rd store – Music, Apps and now Books. Assuming that Books as a store would be made available universally (Music is still not), it gives rise to a whole new category. This for me is THE iPad.

Dreamers the world over wanted a solid reason to make them run and buy one and the reasons given were not enough apparently. For me the iPad is an eBook reader that can also handle magazines, be a fancy remote, a multimedia player & Internet surfer. Had I had more expectations, I would have been sorely disappointed also.

Scarred critics who have written off Apple products in the past are more cautious – rightfully so! The pricing and books alone will end up doing the trick. However, will I buy one now? Will try one in the store. But it looks more likely that I may wait for an iteration or two.

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“There is not a detail there that does’nt need to be there” – Jony Ive, Senior VP, Design, Apple

Having a been a product guy all my life (and as an owner of an iMac), I know for a fact that Jony is not exaggerating. The product in question is Apple’s new iMac 27″ and 21.5″ ,16:9, Ultimate All-in-One beauties with a lot of brains.

Apple's new 21.5" & 27", 16:9 iMacs

Apple's new 21.5" & 27", 16:9 iMacs

Full 1080p of 1920×1080 pixel resolution for the 21.5″ iMac and 78% more pixels to take it well beyond HD – 2560×1440 pixels for the 27″!! “Pixel density like this just does not exist on other Desktop Computers” – Scott Brodrick, Product Manager, Mac – No kidding!

Full HD & then some..

Full HD & then some.. imagine the detail on the display!

Add to this a new “Magic Mouse” that Apple claims  “Suddenly, everything clicks. And Swipes. And Scrolls.” Apple has masterfully implemented the Multi-touch technology across a variety of platforms indeed.

From Mighty Mouse to Magic Mouse..

From Mighty Mouse to Magic Mouse..

This is true Revolution – in an evolution – of a product that was already world class. How can one take an iMac and make it better? See the video below..

The new iMac is a demonstration of True Convergence of Hardware & Software, beautifully rolled into this elegant, All-in-One Multimedia device. All the product specs can be found here. I’m no fanboy, but with products like these, who would not lust for one of their products. The question is, what do I do with my old 20″ iMac?

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