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It is that time of the year again. As I emerge from my writer’s block (I have not blogged for a year- not counting the reproduction of my Pangong post in Jan 11) I have this strong desire to de-clutter & organize all over again. Over the past year I have acquired a ton more gadgets, been getting fair doses of nature’s fix through wildlife outings and been leaving a trail of Gigabytes accumulated over various mediums for  consumption on a variety of screens. The whole attraction of what the Mac stands for in my mind – to simplify clutter and to do it ably and efficiently sometime gets challenged with the sheer amount of content explosion in the digital medium I seem to get myself into lately these days.

My contribution to Apple's market value - all in the name of Convergence - gadgets in various screen sizes - all geared for multimedia of all kinds - Audio, Video, Ebooks, digital magazines, pictures. Pictured L to R - 20" iMac, Magic Mouse, 16Gb iPhone 3G, 32Gb 3G iPad1, 13" Macbook Pro, iPhone4. 500Gb Lacie & 1TB WD hard drives behind iMac. Another 1TB WD drive behind the Macbook.

After cleaning my audio collection and digitizing my home DVD concert collection (in 2009), I have to deal with other  mediums now –  primarily photographs taken from every other week.  The rest are still manageable –  eBooks, digital Magazines, the latest applications.  Movies and  gripping TV serials from across the pond.

Will be quite the feat when I get through with this. Will this be the year I get on a cloud (Mobile Me)? or invest in a RAID backup setup? Will I organize all my photos with Aperture? How far back will I need to go for geotagging? The task of simplifying seems that much more daunting as it requires clarity with respect to organization!

While I have managed digital Convergence in the last few years – most of the clean audio and video content stored in a few hard drives, streamed over Wifi, controlled via the “Remote” app on iphones and the iPAD and played on the home theater through the Apple TV.  How far can I extend this to other mediums? I hope to write about more Use Cases soon on my digital Convergence at home. Stay tuned.


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Click Click Click

The name of this title came about by a talented sketch artist who was in our group during the Leh trip between Aug 26-Sep1, 09. Shahana noticed the incessant clicking between 3 gadget crazy guys & one Videographer (who were a lot of times constantly “in your face” with the camera) and came up with this awesome sketch below! How true! But then, we got back some lovely memories..

Click-Click-Click: 3 Photographers & 1 Video Commentator!

Click-Click-Click: 3 Photographers & 1 Video Commentator!

The trip to Ladakh burnt a hole in some of our pockets at least. I got a fairly good deal when I picked up a Tamron 18-250mm “all-in-one” travel lens as I traded in my 18-55mm lens. Vivek picked up a Tamron 10-24mm wide angle. On seeing me pick up a Tamron 18-250mm for my Nikon, he bought the 18-250mm lens for his Canon (in addition to his wide angle – he did trade in 3 or 4 old lenses though)!

The equipment list ran long for this trip amongst the 7 of us:

Nikon D50 with a Tamron 18-250mm lens
Canon 350D with a Sigma 70-300mm, Canon 50mm & Canon 18-55mm lenses & assorted filters + tripod.
Canon 400D with a Tamron 18-250mm, Tamron 10-24mm wide angle & Canon 50mm lenses + tripod
– 2 Compact JVC Everio HDD video cameras (30GB & 60GB) & a compact HD Kodak Video camera
– A couple of point and shoot cameras (Canon 10 MP & a ?)
– 3 Macbooks
– Shahana also used a Sketch Book with a pencil !

There were chargers, extra batteries, High Speed Memory cards and additional memory cards along with External Hard drives also at hand 🙂

Our gadgets..

Our gadgets..

As you can see, the above gadgets were more than enough to cover a mini Himalayan Expedition! Some common sensical things to keep in mind when one visits exotic and scenic locations (where photographers go berserk):

– Photographers tend to get annoying at times (especially the amateur ones). Be mindful if you have a trigger happy finger when photographing people & fellow travelers (especially with your fellow travelers when the trip is for longer than 2 days).
– You will of course take thousands of pictures. Do not try to project everything to everyone. Carefully chose the ones that convey the essence of that place or moment.
– Never project people in bad poses when you publish photos. There are always good and bad moments.  Subjects tend to pose more, once they realize they will be portrayed like a model!
– As far as possible, never ask your subjects to pose.
– Capture the moment. Do not take too long to capture any shot! The best thing about Digital cameras are that you can erase it right away if you do not like it!

Happy clicking!!!

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